Students relish a sporting finish to term

Students relish a sporting finish to term

24 March 2021

Mrs Caroline Treacy, Director of Sport

One of the best things about our return to school has been seeing students back playing sport and enjoying the camaraderie of team play. In the last three weeks we’ve relished whole year group tournaments, training sessions after school and a Saturday morning of internal fixtures. We’ve also been delighted to get back in the pool.

As our hockey and netball seasons come to a close we are excited about the prospect of a sporting summer term at Woldingham, having been in lockdown last year. We very much hope for some external fixtures in cricket, tennis and athletics as restrictions ease and are already looking forward to Sports Day!

I asked some students to tell me how they felt about their return to school sport. Here is what they had to say…

“When I came back to school and started sport again it felt like a part of me came back. It felt amazing to see all my friends again. My body and brain felt good and energised when I started.“  Zia, Year 7

“Sport has been fun since we have been back, since we have played mainly tournaments. They make everyone get involved and work as a team.”  Lily, Year 7

“I am very grateful to be back and playing sports with my friends again as the whole atmosphere brings joy. When playing team sports the whole communication you have with your team and being able to play with them every week brings you closer as a group and can be very uplifting."  Cassia, Year 10

“It’s definitely been great to be back doing sport again, I’d missed it a lot during lockdown – especially not knowing when we’d be back training at school. It’s just been lovely to play with teammates and enjoy matches during training.”  Lexi, Year 8

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