Lower Sixth students close in on fundraising target for Mind’s 27 27 challenge

Lower Sixth students close in on fundraising target for Mind’s 27 27 challenge

24 March 2021

Molly and Jemima, Lower Sixth

During March, Lower Sixth students have been getting active to support the charity Mind. We have been running or walking a mile a day for 27 days as part of Mind’s 27 27 challenge in solidarity with the 27% of students who experience mental health problems while at university. We wanted to support Mind because we know how challenging mental health can be and how support from charities like Mind can make a difference in someone’s life. The value of having someone to turn to and lean on when we’re not strong, to help us carry on is so important. For many people, Mind fulfils such a valuable role.

As a year group, we wanted to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health as it’s just as important as physical health. While we started running a mile a day in lockdown to break its monotony and regain a sense of community, since being back at school we have thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk our miles together, exploring Woldingham’s beautiful grounds. Some of us are planning to continue doing a mile a day beyond the challenge, as enjoying a short walk after school gives us time to step back from the chaos of life, enjoying nature amongst good company. 

Most importantly, we have nearly raised our target of £1,027, which will enable Mind to respond to 131 potentially life-saving calls. We are so grateful to everyone who has donated. We know your money will be so impactful on the lives of people dealing with mental health issues. As we write, we are £100 short of our target but hopefully with a few days remaining until the end of March, we can reach it and help even more people. If you are reading this article and you have seen Lower Sixth students huffing and puffing around school, or you know the challenges posed by mental health, we would be immensely grateful for your donation. In raising awareness and money, we can move towards a community in which everyone feels valued and that their feelings are valid.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us so far in raising money for such a worthy cause. If anyone else wishes to donate, please do so via this link.

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