Students receive superb offers from MIT and RADA

Students receive superb offers from MIT and RADA

18 March 2021

Among the plethora of excellent university offers received by the Upper Sixth, Og (pictured) and Theo have received unconditional offers from the USA’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), London.

Boarder Og has a passion for chemistry and views it as a field in which she could “understand how to improve human life”.  However, the broader nature of study courses in the US has great appeal: Despite my love for chemistry, I enjoy learning other subjects and remain undecided on which career path my heart desires. Therefore, I was very pleased to discover that MIT offers a phenomenal opportunity to explore different study areas before making that crucial decision.”  Although Og describes feeling elated when she got news of her offer, she is keeping a very level head and weighing up all her options before making her final choice for her next step after Woldingham.

Fellow Upper Sixth Former Theo, a day student, has already decided to take up a fantastic offer from RADA to study Technical Theatre and Stage Management. Theo’s interest and expertise has been developed here at Woldingham: "My first ever production was when I did the lighting for Lord of the Flies in Year 9. If you had told me then that I would receive an unconditional offer from one of the top drama schools in the UK I would've laughed at you and thought it was a joke because the thought is so crazy to even comprehend. I'm so excited to be spending three years there and I can't wait to see what my future holds after I graduate."

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