Musicians perform concert series and composition credit for Clemmie

Musicians perform concert series and composition credit for Clemmie

4 March 2021

Well done to Year 9 music scholar Clemmie, who was commissioned to write some music for a film featuring comedian Ed Byrne hiking up Welsh mountain Mynydd Carningli with stand-up comic and TV/Radio presenter Rhod Gilbert. The first “Ed Ventures” can be viewed on YouTube, but please be advised that it contains some strong language. Should you wish to avoid this, Clemmie’s lovely “Summit Theme”, played by her on piano, can be safely heard if you head directly to 32:30. Click here for the film. 

Clemmie is also one of a number of musicians whose audio or video performances have been enjoyed in a series of lunchtime concerts, shared with the whole school by the Music Department. These have all been “field performances” (done at home without specialist technical recording equipment), and without what Director of Music Mr John Hargreaves describes as the most important aspect of music making - an audience.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we can once again hear live music in our wonderful auditorium, but in the meantime, enjoy this delightful smorgasbord of music from our talented students. 

Clemmie, Year 9  

Sophie, Year 10

Freya, Year 11

Nicole, Year 11

Niki, Year 11

Olivia, Year 11

Saskia, Year 11

Stephanie, Year 11

Leila, Lower Sixth, with piano accompaniment by Miss Wang

Flute Ensemble (Cherry – Year 10, Sophie – Year 9, Hattie – Year 9, Cherry – Year 10, Stephanie – Year 11, Jemima – Lower Sixth, Oriana – Lower Sixth)

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