Busy start to 2021 for Woldingham’s Ribbons

Busy start to 2021 for Woldingham’s Ribbons

11 February 2021

Charlotte, Head Girl

This term the Ribbons have managed to keep ourselves busy with a variety of events and challenges.

We had our inaugural episode of the Woldingham Podcast: Live led by Polie, Emily, JQ and Cat, which looked at conspiracy theories. They talked about a whole range of theories, including Britney Spears and Flat Earth Theory. It was a great chance to listen to something relaxed and light hearted. For any students or staff who missed it, the recording is in the Woldingham Podcast: Live team. I highly recommend it. The next episode will be on ‘cancel culture’ and promises to be another intriguing listen. If anyone wants to lead an episode, do let us know, we would love to get you involved.

In other news, the Head Girl team ran an assembly for Year 10 on our top tips for lockdown and coping with the ups and downs of the GCSE years. We especially loved Year 10's tradition of having a song of the week: we chose the nineties throwback C’est La Vie by B*witched, which is perfect for a good dance. It was a great chance to interact with students in a younger year group, so thank you to Mr Kellaway and Year 10 for having us.

It has been great to see how our different ribbons have been adapting to the most recent lockdown. Sophie, our Sports Ribbon, launched the Lockdown Landmark Challenge, which was great motivation for getting outside the house. In the world of drama, Grace has been hard at work with Miss Williams to reimagine this year's Sixth Form production. Despite the challenges, it promises to be a great event, so watch this space for more information. Emily and OG, our Barat House Captains, had the challenge of putting on the Barat House Feast this week and did an excellent job, despite it being online this year. It was wonderful to see the whole House getting involved in their quizzes and I for one learnt a lot about St Madeleine Sophie Barat.

One of the highlights of this half term has been planning the content for our new Ribbons’ Instagram account. We have got some great posts planned for the second half of term including playlists, recipes and even jewellery tutorials. If you are on Instagram, we would love you to give us a follow - you won’t regret it!

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