Mme Maillot turns to Potter magic for her desert island reading

Mme Maillot turns to Potter magic for her desert island reading

8 February 2021

This week it's the turn of Head of French and Assistant Head of Marden Mme Christelle Maillot to tell us which book she would take to her "desert island valley" and why.

One book to take to a desert island? Tricky question. It would have to be something gripping. A book you can't put down and can't wait to continue reading. I love series of stories because I want to get to know the characters more. I get attached to them and can't seem to be able to let go. 

Therefore, the series of books I would choose would have to be the Harry Potter novels. But how to choose one out of the seven books though? It would have to be the first one as it’s when you start getting into the story, getting to know the characters, discovering new relationships and entering the wizarding world. I read them all several times in French but not in English yet, which is something I am going to do soon. I have transmitted my interest in Harry Potter to my daughter, who has read them all in English in a very short time. She couldn't put the books down. We cannot wait for the Harry Potter Studio to open again so we can immerse ourselves in this fascinating world. Who wouldn't like to be a wizard with great powers? Especially now when we would all like our normal life back without the fear of getting too close to people we love. 

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