Old laptops get new homes

Old laptops get new homes

4 February 2021

Woldingham donated 20 decommissioned laptops to the Rowdown Inspire to Aspire Foundation at the end of last week to go to pupils who don’t have a device at home to access remote teaching during lockdown. Woldingham has worked with Rowdown, a small education charity which supports children in and around New Addington, for a number of years.

Director of IT Paul Ireland said: "We wiped all of the data from the laptops before we handed them over and provided Rowdown with some technical advice to get the laptops up and running with free software for pupils to use whilst remote learning during lockdown. A socially distanced handover was completed in the quad car park and the laptops were gratefully received."

Gary Coy from the Rowdown Foundation added: "Woldingham School has really stepped up to help the Rowdown Foundation and the Croydon families we support. There are so many of these families struggling with home learning simply because the children have to share a computer, if there is a computer at home at all. The laptops donated by Woldingham will be going to homes all over the borough to support our Tuition Programme learning as well as their school work. Thanks to everyone at Woldingham for making this happen and all you do to support the Rowdown Foundation."

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