Teachers share more ideas on remote teaching & learning from our #VirtualValley

Teachers share more ideas on remote teaching & learning from our #VirtualValley

28 January 2021

Mr William Bohanna Senior Teacher (Teaching & Learning)

As we come to end of the third full week of remote learning from our virtual valley, I have been reflecting on how this period of lockdown has been different from the last.  In many ways we are all much more familiar with the technical workings of Teams, how to submit an assignment and the use of our virtual ‘hands-up’ icon.  All of that said, the innovation, inspirational and ‘WOLD magic’ which has continued with our online lessons has been ever more robust and due to the great efforts of all our teachers, our learning as a community has continued to thrive. We continue to learn with and from each other. In the words of Mother Janet Stuart:

“Effective learning means arriving at new power, and the consciousness of new power is one of the most stimulating things in life.”

At Woldingham learning happens all around us and inspiration comes from all members of our community, none so more than our students. I would like to share with you a prayer written by our Sacred Heart Ribbon, Ching, which was shared with our community by Fr Gerry Devlin:

Dear Lord, We thank you for our school community, may it always be a place of peace and happiness. We thank you for the privilege of online learning and the successful COVID testing which is taking place in school. As we continue in lockdown help us to remain healthy, protect the elderly and those who are currently suffering from the pandemic. May you bless and embrace all who are grieving the loss of a family member and please keep their loved ones in your caring arms.

In this Teaching and Learning round up, we hear about some of the fantastic, innovative, and inspirational approaches being used by the physics, French and history departments, and an insight into our THRIVE sessions, which have been supporting remote learning. You can read the round up here.

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