Taking care of Woldingham 365 days a year

Taking care of Woldingham 365 days a year

27 January 2021

Mrs Rachel Leyland, Head of Operations

While most staff are working from home, a core group of people continue to work at school, including our team of caretakers. Woldingham’s caretaking team of four, Les, Tony, Martin and Ian, look after numerous aspects of the school 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, playing a key role in keeping the school running and important elements of safety.

Our caretakers’ duties include, but are far from limited to, checking the CCTV and ACT (cameras and access control system including a ANPR license plate recognition camera), managing the fire system and road barriers, checking and recording fuel levels, doing station pickups, taking deliveries, the management of keys (of which there are many with over 1500 locks used across the school) and ensuring the school is locked and secure. On an occasional basis they even deal with escaped cows!

The caretakers have recently relocated to a new office in Main House, which gives them a better central location and increased space for all their equipment.

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