A bird’s eye view from the valley

A bird’s eye view from the valley

29 January 2021

Mr Adrian Ross, valley resident and Head of Theology

I hope that you have had an enjoyable week. We have had a mixture of glorious sunshine and more snow here at Marden Park. Signs of spring are increasingly abundant in the valley. Many of the daffodils are in bud and the first couple of flowers have appeared near Marden’s outdoor ping pong table.

Another sure sign that spring is on its way is the return of the morning birdsong. It has been a pleasure to listen to blackbirds, robins and many other species as I walk around the school. Although not the most tuneful of Woldingham’s feathered residents and visitors, we do frequently see buzzards gliding overhead and hear their rather plaintive calls. Sadly, I can’t lay claim to the lovely photo of one shown here – it was taken recently by a Woldingham parent who lives nearby.

Wherever we live, it is important that birds visiting our gardens have a good supply of water. Woldingham’s pond, which is a favourite spot for many people, is a wonderful resource for them. If you have a bird bath, please do make sure to keep it topped up. If the weather with you has been similar to that in Woldingham recently, you may need to melt the ice on a particularly frosty morning. This is also a time of year when food is less readily available for birds. Suet cakes and fat balls, which are rich in energy and nutrients, are a particularly good source of food for garden birds at the moment. Here is a link to an RSPB article on how to make suet cakes. If you make some and manage to photograph a bird enjoying them, be sure to enter next week’s #PhotographersWold competition, which has an “animals” theme.

Enjoy the week ahead and, as the mornings gradually become lighter, try to get outside, be still and enjoy the birdsong.

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