View from the valley – the ones that got away

View from the valley – the ones that got away

21 January 2021

Mr Adrian Ross, valley resident and Head of Theology

As we come to the end of the second full week of remote learning and a week of wide-ranging extra-curricular activities, I just want to say well done to everyone. Hopefully most of us have found an effective routine that works for us - I have now perfected my timing for finishing my morning coffee just before registration begins. The small adjustments to the timetable have made a big difference to the day, giving a little more time for lunch, which I know my tutor group has appreciated. Hopefully, it has helped students get away from the screen during the school day and perhaps outside to enjoy some fresh air.

Earlier in the week, driving along the front drive on my return from an essential shopping trip, I spotted a herd of deer, which had come down from the woods. Unfortunately, it was a little too dark to capture a good photograph to share this week. Perhaps as the evenings become lighter, I might be lucky enough to capture them crossing the drive as they move from field to field. There can’t be many schools where deer are regularly seen by students, staff and visitors.

After quite a lot of rain over the previous week, on Sunday the valley was briefly blessed with enough sun to entice me and Fr Gerry for a walk to both ends of the drive and back. It was really noticeable that the buds have started to form on the trees. A sure sign of the change of season to come and the promise of trees once again being covered with leaves.  I can also see that it won’t be long until the first spring flowers come into bloom. There is a sense of reassurance to be gained from seeing the natural world continue on its annual cycle whilst it might at times feel as though our normal lives have been halted. We should remember that whilst some elements of life are in lockdown or on pause, our friendships, family and school community continue.


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