Survey informs diversity, equality and inclusion programme

Survey informs diversity, equality and inclusion programme

20 January 2021

Miss Ashley Whitworth, Deputy Head of Sixth Form

The topic of diversity, equality and inclusion at Woldingham remains a priority and our work to enhance and develop this is ongoing. A hugely important step in assessing our current position and guiding how we move forward, is hearing directly from our community. To this end, staff and students were asked to complete an online survey towards the end of the autumn term. Students were asked to identify areas where they felt the school did well in terms of inclusion in their lessons and the wider school environment, as well as offer suggestions for ways to improve further. Staff, in addition to answering the same questions, were given the opportunity to feed back on areas they felt would benefit from further staff development training. We are grateful to all those who took the time to fill in the survey and for the helpful feedback we received.

As the feedback from the survey continues to be analysed and carefully considered, we are reaching out to staff and students who expressed an interest in discussing the topic further to hear more of their thoughts. We look forward to these constructive conversations and thank those involved for their time. We will be feeding back to the community the key outcomes and messages from the survey and subsequent conversations, as well as the next steps we plan to take following them, so please do watch this space.

As a reminder of our progress made last term, click here.

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