Thriving in our #VirtualValley

Thriving in our #VirtualValley

13 January 2021

Ms Nicole Weatherston, Deputy Head Academic

The new year saw another unusual start to the term. Everybody misses the buzz of activity and laughter of the girls in the corridors and boarding houses but for the moment, until we can welcome them back, our programme of remote learning continues.

As before, we encourage students to engage fully, just as when they are in the classroom, making sure that they have cameras on and that they contribute to lessons. This will make it a much more valuable and enjoyable experience. Following feedback from parents and students, we made some adjustments to the schedule. This has enabled groups to remain with their usual teachers and kept class sizes small. We have reduced lesson time so that this part of the day finishes by 3.15pm, leaving time for students to get some fresh air during daylight hours and to immerse themselves in our varied extra-curricular programme.

Following the successful webinar we hosted in the summer term, we are running another event on Monday 18 January. This is designed to tell parents more about how remote learning is working this term, provide ideas on how to help your daughter, and to explain how we are supporting students with their wellbeing. I hope many parents will be able to join us for this event.

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