Learning in lockdown: reflections from our Head Girl, Charlotte

Learning in lockdown: reflections from our Head Girl, Charlotte

14 January 2021

Charlotte, Head Girl

I don’t think I ever expected to start 2021 doing online learning on the same table I was eating Christmas dinner at a couple of weeks ago, but nevertheless we find ourselves in lockdown again.

The past fortnight has been challenging to say the least for Upper Sixth, with the cancellation of exams, the uncertainty of what teacher assessed grades will look like, and not being able to be together. However, despite the lack of physical contact, the WhatsApp group chat has been busier than ever with messages of support, banter, and live reactions to government announcements.

The return to online learning has been thankfully smooth so far, and I’m very grateful to my teachers for their skill on Microsoft Teams, especially when my technological capabilities are so lacking! The dining room has now become an ‘office’, which I share with my mum - she is loving listening to my French lessons with Mme Poullain and Mme Maillot. I can’t say I share the same enthusiasm for legal issues involving commodities, but we make it work!

This lockdown seems harder than the first one in the summer term, especially with the lack of sunlight. I’ve often found myself losing track of time and having to drop everything to fit in a walk or a run. Despite this, I’m trying to make the most of it by doing things that I wouldn’t usually have time for. One of these activities has been practising being a pensioner - the excitement I have for doing jigsaws in slippers with a cup of tea and my cat has become a bit concerning.

Although this lockdown has put a spanner in the works, the Ribbons team have had our first meeting of the year this week and we have already started planning some great things, so watch this space.

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