Ribbons' round up

Ribbons' round up

11 December 2020

Charlotte, Head Girl

This term has been an unusual one for the Ribbons, much like for everyone else, but despite the COVID restrictions we’ve still managed to stay extremely busy.

The Community Ribbons have been doing a great job keeping us informed of events beyond the Valley in their fortnightly newsletter ‘Outside the Wold’, which aims to prompt discussion throughout the school on current affairs, while helping to raise money for our Harvest Festival charities. Our House Captains have been thinking outside the box to put on some amazing House events, the guy making competition on bonfire night was a particular highlight. Stuart and Duchesne House Captains had their fundraising half terms and despite the difficulties with COVID-19, still made them a great success. Grace, our Drama Ribbon, has been busy behind the scenes organising the inaugural Drama competition, while helping to film and edit various videos and assemblies.

As a Head Girl team, we’ve also been busy, helping out with assemblies, organising Pupil Voice meetings, recording a video tour tour of the school for our virtual open morning and helping to organise the end of term festivities. The whole team has been hard at work to continue last year’s podcasts. Our first episode, an interview with Dr Whitehead, will be out at the beginning of next term, so do be sure to check that out.

All in all, it’s been a fantastic term, and we’re looking forward to what the next one holds, but for now we hope that everyone has a joyful and restful Christmas.

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