An action-packed weekend for Year 9 boarders

An action-packed weekend for Year 9 boarders

23 November 2020

Miss Leanne Waterhouse, Year 9 Housemistress

Thing started hotting up in Year 9 boarding last weekend. No, not the November weather, it was Laser Tag! The girls enjoyed dressing in camouflage and wearing their war paint with pride to really get into the laser-tagging spirit. Our extensive grounds provided the perfect setting for camps, hideouts and tactical ambushes for our two teams – Team Bravo (blue) and Team Delta (red).

By contrast, Saturday evening had a chilled-out vibe, with delicious strawberry milkshakes and chocolate chip cookies all round.

Sunday afternoon was perfect for badminton in the Sports Hall, followed by more Laser Tag and even bigger teams for Bravo and Delta. Although Team Delta managed to win a couple of rounds, Team Bravo took the honours with four wins! What better way to cool down after all that action than with some ice cold lemonade.

This weekend we are looking forward to putting up the tree and decorating Mater Hall in anticipation of the magical Christmas festivities taking place before the end of term. And that’s not all. On Saturday evening we will also be transforming Main House into our very own escape room for some mysterious, clue-solving fun. Judging by this weekend’s fun and games, the race to ‘escape’ first will be competitive!

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