US election engages Woldingham students

US election engages Woldingham students

10 November 2020

Mrs Katharine Payne, Head of Politics

For the past few weeks Woldingham students have been keenly following the US presidential election. During THRIVE sessions or in tutor time they watched a video, put together by Miss Whitworth, explaining the US electoral system and outlining the two main candidates’ policies. This engaged many students and informed them about what is going on in the world outside Woldingham’s valley. We also enjoyed some interesting debates, not just about the process, the delayed outcome, the state of democracy and the legal challenges, but also the policies of the parties and what the outcome might mean for the UK.

Before the half term break, the politics department launched a competition called US Election 2020. As well as answering questions, entrants were required to write a policy-based slogan and a short speech for one of the main two candidates. The (undisputed) winners of Woldingham’s US Election 2020 are:

Key stage 3 Chloe, Year 8

Key stage 4 Alice, Year 10

Key stage 5 Hannah, Lower Sixth

Congratulations to our winners and well done to everyone who entered.

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