REthink Junior launched

REthink Junior launched

12 November 2020

Mr Chris Kellaway, Teacher of Theology

REthink has added a string to its bow with the launch of REthink Junior. Run by Teacher of Theology Miss Hunt, this new club for students in Year 9 meets every Wednesday lunchtime to discuss philosophical and theological ideas. Junior REthink will produce a magazine as part of the REthink Christmas publication. Mia and Emma are REthink Junior’s editors and Mia explains what has been on the agenda to date:

 “REthink Junior has discussed some very interesting and thoughtful theological questions and topics. We started off with ‘If COVID-19 restrictions were to be lifted for Christmas should they be lifted for other religious festivals?’ This made us question how far we believe in the meaning of Christmas and re-evaluate our beliefs and morals. We also discussed a very relevant topic, ‘Is 2020 a sign from God?’, and considered who’s potentially to blame for this year’s pandemic and our experience so far. In another session we raised the question ‘Is it right to genetically modify God’s creation?’ and talked about whether or not it would be the right thing to do, thinking about how this might affect humanity and what makes us who we are. It has been a great first few weeks and I am very excited to discuss more philosophical topics soon.”

The senior branch of REthink, which meets after school on Tuesdays, has been enjoying yet another term of rich, thought-provoking discussions. Sofia, Deputy Head girl and editor of REthink, says:

“In just a few weeks, we’ve heard talks on everything from the philosophical influence of manifestations, to a comparison of the human and the devil, to liberation theology. As always, talks have been followed by an open dialogue as students share a range of opinions and cultivate new views. We have been particularly fortunate to hold our sessions in the auditorium this year and hope this will encourage students to find confidence in their voice and expression, something that we hold at the heart of REthink.

 On Tuesday 17 November we have a guest speaker, Chine McDonald, who will be talking about her book ‘God Is Not a White Man: And Other Revelations’. The team knows this will attract a great audience, and we can’t wait for this exposure and dialogue.

We look forward to seeing the REthink family grow this year. Everyone is welcome to attend any session. If any students would like to host a discussion or write for our Christmas magazine please get in touch with me. We are so excited to lead another year of thoughtful, insightful collaboration.”

If any parents have good ideas for interviews for REthink please contact Mr Kellaway or Miss Hunt

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