Students become data analysts during Maths Week

Students become data analysts during Maths Week

11 November 2020

Mrs Ruth McKenna, Head of Maths

To celebrate Maths Week England, 9-14 November, students in Years 7 to 10 had the opportunity to experience life as a data analyst during a maths lesson. The aim was to highlight the importance of maths skills in careers to help answer a question maths teachers are often asked: “When will I use this in later life?”

In the lesson, students watched a short video explaining what it’s like to work as a data analyst for the food order and delivery company Just Eat. Then, using Excel, they analysed some research data about online shopping to recommend whether to develop a website or app first and who to aim an advertising campaign at. Their answers had to be justified by their data.

The students really enjoyed doing something different and learning about one of the many ways in which maths can be used in future careers.

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