Mock university interviews prepare medics and vets

Mock university interviews prepare medics and vets

11 November 2020

Miss Jamie Gallagher, Head of Chemistry

On Monday 9 November, Upper Sixth students planning to study medicine or veterinary science took part in individual online mock university interviews. Ria, Gemma, Alyssia and Emily were questioned by junior doctors and medical students from the universities of Cambridge, Liverpool and Leeds in two different styles of interview so they are fully prepared for admissions interviews.

The students first faced a panel interview where they were asked questions about their personal statement, their motivation for their proposed course, wider reading and work experience.

In their second interview, the students were asked five questions and had five minutes to answer each. These tended to be ethical scenarios or role play activities.

Our students demonstrated excellent subject knowledge and good communication and empathy during role play activities. Their mathematical ability was spot on and they gave examples of team work and leadership, and spoke with clarity about their work experience.

Alice and Jing Qiao, who are applying for chemistry and chemical engineering at Oxbridge, also took part in the sessions and benefitted from some challenging questions and excellent feedback from Mr Ali from the University of Cambridge.

The first formal interviews take place this week – also online. We wish all the students the very best of luck.

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