Woldingham celebrates Black History Month 

Woldingham celebrates Black History Month 

14 October 2020

Miss Ashley Whitworth, Teacher of History

This October, Woldingham students joined others around the world by participating in Black History Month. In tutor groups during THRIVE sessions, students examined why Brixton was such an appropriate place for one of the four Royal Mail commemorative Black History Month postboxes, using this as an opportunity to explore key events such as the arrival of the Windrush and the Brixton Riots. The session also focused on celebrating Great Black Britons. Students each chose and researched an individual on the 100 Great Black Britons 2020 list - with backgrounds ranging from politics to sport to music - and shared what they had learnt with their peers.

The conversation did not stop in THRIVE.  Lower Sixth Formers Desiree, Keira and Eleisha gave a presentation entitled ‘Black History’s Relevance today: Colourism and Misrepresentation’ at a Women of Woldingham society meeting. This well-researched talk provoked a very interesting, high quality discussion.

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