A fruitful day of reflection for Year 7

A fruitful day of reflection for Year 7

14 October 2020

Fr Gerard Devlin, Chaplain

On Monday 12 October Year 7 students, their tutors and I travelled to the SPEC Retreat Centre in Pinner for a Day of Reflection led by the Archdiocese of Westminster Youth Mission Team. The day’s theme was taken from the Gospel of John: “I have come that you may have life” (John 10:10).  In groups the students reflected on the Sacred Heart Goal for this academic year, personal and active faith. They took time to consider what it means to be kind and how they can be ambassadors for kindness, love and service in our school community.  Year 7 students were given prayer cards to write a personal message to another group member, affirming them and offering prayerful support and encouragement for the year ahead.

Students prepared for the celebration of Mass by taking part in a Lectio Divina session. This was based on the Gospel of the day (Mark 4:30-32), the parable of the mustard seed – how the smallest seed grew into a huge plant. Students were given time to read, meditate, pray and contemplate the Gospel passage, sharing their understanding with one another.

It was a productive day and it was so nice to see students taking time away from their normal timetable and sharing an enjoyable and fruitful day with one another.  It was the first retreat day held at the SPEC centre for six months. The students, staff and all involved in the organisation of the day enjoyed working together.

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