Students inspired to face fears at annual Dineen Lecture

Students inspired to face fears at annual Dineen Lecture

8 October 2020

Inspiring our students to be brave was at the heart of a fantastic talk from adventurer and endurance athlete Sophie Radcliffe, who gave Woldingham’s annual Dineen Lecture on Wednesday 7 October.

In telling the story of how she radically changed her life since beginning her post-university career in a sales office, Sophie shared her belief that bravery and other skills such as resilience, determination and self-belief aren’t something we’re born with, but can be learnt. “Confidence is like muscle, the more you train it, the stronger it gets,” was one of many memorable pieces of advice she offered as she encouraged students to think about who they want to be and to take the first steps in that direction.

Sophie describes herself as “an ordinary woman with big dreams and a huge drive to make them happen” and it was clear from students’ questions that her talk had set cogs whirring, and perhaps fires burning, in many young Woldingham minds.

Organised by Woldingham Parents and Staff Association (WPSA), The Dineen Lecture is financed by a gift from parents following Dr Dineen’s retirement as Headmistress of Woldingham in 1997. It was her wish that an annual lecture be delivered by a “notable person whose personality and achievements can provide inspiration to the girls”. 

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