Current Affairs Club inspires and educates

Current Affairs Club inspires and educates

1 October 2020

 Milan and Nicole, Upper Sixth

Current Affairs Club is a social forum where students can share their views and passions about crucial topics happening worldwide. It’s the perfect way to be more aware of life outside the Woldingham valley and provides an opportunity to develop valuable debating skills and educate ourselves on stimulating matters.  

As Upper Sixth students, it’s our role to ensure everyone’s opinion is heard during these discussions, and that people can speak freely. Last year, we covered topics such as Brexit, veganism, affirmative action and modern feminism.

We are holding Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth sessions on alternate Monday lunchtimes and all of the meetings will be recorded and added to Teams for all students to view. To foster cross-bubble interaction, the Upper Sixth meetings will also be open live to the whole-school community via video chat on each Week A at 1:35-2:00pm.

Recently, we looked at Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the impact her death is going to have on the structure of the US Supreme Court. It’s rare to have women in the Supreme Court, so her presence was very influential, and her death is opening a gateway for President Trump to shape a more conservative court. In an all-girls school, it is extremely important to focus on female role models in the wider world as we hope they will inspire our students beyond Woldingham.

If you would like to get involved or to hear more, please email us (Milan and Nicole) or Mrs Payne to receive further information or join as a member. We look forward to many more interesting discussions this year.

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