The return of Year 10

The return of Year 10

2 July 2020

Mr William Bohanna, Senior Teacher (Teaching & Learning)

What do rivers, Macbeth and nature of discipleship all have in common?  The answer is simple - they are all topics which have been covered by Year 10 students on their return to the valley!

This week we have welcomed back many of our Year 10 students for some much-missed face to face time with their teachers.   As with the Lower Sixth return last week we have moved into a hybrid teaching and learning approach where the same topics have been covered remotely and in live lessons in school.  Whilst the remote learning has been hugely successful for our students, those who have had the opportunity to return to Woldingham, albeit for just a short time, have clearly loved being back. Here are just a few examples of what they had to say about it:

‘It’s been brilliant back at school. I enjoyed our drama lesson, which was extremely active and fun as we got to do a practical task involving creating and presenting our own monologues.’  Natasha

‘It's been great being back in school seeing my friends and teachers. In theology we went over the nature of discipleship and made a mind map, which was helpful.’  Amelia

‘In geography we had a run over the whole of the rivers and coasts topic. We then looked at what kind of questions we would be given, and the best way to answer them. It has been wonderful being back at school.’  Sadie

It’s been really nice to go back to school for a bit. In English, we discussed how we would answer an exam question on a passage from Macbeth.’  Tabatha

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