PE teachers undertake 30-day challenges to inspire students

PE teachers undertake 30-day challenges to inspire students

25 June 2020

As you’re all aware by now the PE department loves a challenge, so in this second half of term we took on individual 30-day challenges. And using social media to update students our progress, we’ve  demonstrated the purpose of goal setting in a practical sense, and the importance of perseverance when things are difficult.

Mrs Norman, inspired by her enjoyment of ‘50km in May’, took on the challenge of running 10km in one go. She is determined to achieve this as we head into our final week, despite the current hot weather! Mrs Wratten and Miss May have been doing plank challenges to build core strength and Mrs Lock has also been working on her core with a sit up challenge. I chose a press up challenge to improve upper body strength, which has incorporated a variety of techniques.

In setting these  challenges, it was  important they were realistic, achievable and measurable. We wanted to test our abilities but not attempt the impossible. Being able to see improvement has  motivated us to keep going.  By sharing these challenges, we hope to encourage students to set  their own goals for the summer holidays.

As we near the end of the month and look forward to the summer break it is important to  continue to be active. One of the positives from this pandemic is an increased awareness of the importance of exercise and the enjoyment people can get from it. So, don’t sit still during July and August. Make sure you’re still getting out there, being active, and if you do set yourself a challenge share it with us.

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