Gardeners’ Wold: The Glory of the Garden

Gardeners’ Wold: The Glory of the Garden

25 June 2020

In the season finale of Gardeners'  Wold, Mrs Hutchinson finally steps in front of the camera to recite a favourite poem, The Glory of the Garden, by Rudyard Kipling. We get a last look at the now very familiar glass palace and surroundings and Scrumpy attempts a little scene stealing, carrying it off with aplomb.

Woldingham’s new Head from September, Dr Whitehead, takes us on a tour of his Devon garden – also a dog-friendly location. He’s been dealing with drought and a foxglove invasion, but things are generally looking very green and pleasant.

Watch episode eight here.


Gardeners’  Wold  is produced by Head of Theology Mr Ross who, living on site, is able to keep us up to date with all things green at Woldingham. His inspiration was the long-running BBC Television programme, Gardeners’  World.

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