Year 11’s independent research impresses

Year 11’s independent research impresses

19 June 2020

Mr Terence Nunes, Head of Year 11

Despite the uncertainty of cancelled GCSE exams, Year 11 approached the Brave New Wold summer programme with positivity and determination. As part of Brave New Wold, the students undertook a research project for each of their chosen A Level subjects. They applied themselves with dedication and produced great final presentations. With topics such as the end of public executions in Britain for history and the political context of Spain during the 1930s in the run up to the Spanish Civil War for Spanish, Year 11 students excelled, producing superb pieces of work and leaving teachers with high hopes for their prospects in the Sixth Form.

Mrs Hutchinson was so impressed that she has decided to present a number of students with prizes for their projects. Well done Year 11 from me and all your teachers. I am truly proud of you all.

Prize winners

Maths - LouLou, Charlotte, Alex

DT - Hannah

Biology - Ploy

History - Francesca

Chemistry - Faith, Anthea

Art - Evie, Charlotte, Bella, Rhea

Textiles - Tessa, Maria, Matilda, Bella

English - Sophie, Milly, Molly

French - Sophie, Faith

Economics - Laura

Business Studies - India

Spanish - Sophie

Politics - Lilly

Psychology - Francesca, Lucy, Daisy

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