Gardeners’ Wold Episode 7: Beyond the valley

Gardeners’ Wold Episode 7: Beyond the valley

18 June 2020

This week, Mr Ross takes us on a tour of his own garden, complete with pomegranate, palm and olive trees.  Seeing a flourishing grapevine might make us think we've travelled far south of Woldingham in this episode. In fact, Mr Ross travelled north for his weeding.

In the Hutchinson household the pea harvest has begun and the aubergines are in flower, while Mrs Sebastian and Emily show us how well their produce has progressed in the past couple of warm and wet weeks.

Watch episode seven here.


Gardeners’  Wold  is produced by Head of Theology Mr Ross who, living on site, is able to keep us up to date with all things green at Woldingham. His inspiration was the long-running BBC Television programme, Gardeners’  World.

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