Gardeners’ Wold Episode 6: A wetter week

Gardeners’ Wold Episode 6: A wetter week

11 June 2020

For a gardening programme set in England it’s almost incredible that we managed to reach episode 6 of Gardeners’  Wold before encountering rain. It is vital for gardens, of course, and Mr Ross takes us on a damp, though pretty, stroll along Pergola Walk, which feels very much like a trip down memory lane for many of us at present. Lovely to see it and the pond, where the koi carp are still swimming strongly.

Mrs Hutchinson has lots to share in and around her Glass Palace – including reacquainting us with the courgette plants we first met in episode one, which have changed dramatically.

Viewers can also check how well they scored in Ms Weatherston’s quiz, set in episode four.

Watch episode six here.


Gardeners’  Wold  is produced by Head of Theology Mr Ross who, living on site, is able to keep us up to date with all things green at Woldingham. His inspiration was the long-running BBC Television programme, Gardeners’  World.

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