Students design an energy efficient future

Students design an energy efficient future

4 June 2020

Mrs Michelle Clayton, Teacher of Physics

The Bright Ideas Challenge Club has now been running for five weeks during the activity slot on a Thursday. Students have been thinking about the energy challenges which may be faced by a city in 2050 as the population of the earth and the energy needs of the individual continue to grow.

Lana, Teni and Laila in Year 7 have decided to work together as one team to research ways in which buildings of the future could be designed to be more energy efficient as well as having the capacity to generate their own energy in a clean and sustainable way. This has led to the notion that electrical generators could be used within the building, added to exercise machines in the gym for example or in the foam flooring in corridors to ensure that at least some devices could be powered without need of the National Grid. On a weekly basis the students have assigned research tasks to one another and fed back to the group, learning vital team management skills. They have increased their knowledge on areas of engineering such as the interaction between a magnetic field and a moving conductor in the process of electromagnetic induction.

Linda in Year 9 is working individually on designing an app which would help to improve remote education, inspired by our current lockdown situation.

The teams plan to put their Bright Ideas Challenge entries together on paper in the first few weeks of this half of term and submit for consideration by the team at Shell UK.

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