Molly keeps on running for ActionAid's Coronavirus Appeal

Molly keeps on running for ActionAid's Coronavirus Appeal

21 May 2020

Molly, Year 11

In between the programme of fantastic online lessons, independent research projects and an attempt to learn British Sign Language during the lockdown period, I have also been training to complete two half-marathons in order to raise funds for ActionAid.

I was inspired to do so after watching a BBC news report at the beginning of April which emphasised the struggle the Coronavirus would bring to places such as Gaza, Bangladesh and Myanmar. It really struck me just how privileged we are to have an NHS to clap for every Thursday, to be able to stay safe at home and even to have the luxuries of soap and toilet paper. While the UK is currently in discussion about how to end the lockdown, many countries are just beginning their battle against Covid-19 amid existing inequalities and humanitarian crises. I wanted to help in any way I could, combining my efforts to improve my fitness with an attempt to raise money to help those in countries less prepared for this health crisis.

Last week I completed my first half-marathon for ActionAid’s Coronavirus Appeal after more than a month’s training. I will endeavour to complete my second during next week’s half term to encourage further donations and indeed to cover the distance of a whole marathon in two runs. My training for the half-marathons has coincided with the PE department’s efforts to fundraise for St Catherine’s Hospice and I hope to complete 100km in May (I’m nearly there) and also fundraise for this wonderful local charity.

If anyone would like to donate to make an overwhelming difference to the lives of others, please visit my fundraising page. After all, a global pandemic calls for global kindness.

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