Gardeners’ Wold Episode 4: Wild garlic, hostas and cows

Gardeners’  Wold Episode 4: Wild garlic, hostas and cows

20 May 2020

It’s a Gardeners’  Wold debut for Mrs Giblin this week. She admits the family’s ‘hosta haven’ is mainly her husband’s venture, but she clearly knows a thing or two about hostas herself. We’re already looking forward to a promised trip around her vegetable patch in a future episode.

Mr Ross has filmed swathes of flowering wild garlic hidden away in the woods just a stone’s throw from the Science Centre. In beauty it rivals the carpet of bluebells (though perhaps less so in aroma).

Mrs Hutchinson’s freshly picked radishes and spinach look fantastic and she shows us the significant challenge Mr Hutchinson has set their sweet peas.

On the subject of challenges, Ms Weatherston has a quiz for viewers to identify species from photos she’s taken around Marden Park.

Last, but by no means least, the cows demonstrate their passion for grass. Watch episode four here.

Gardeners’  Wold  is produced by Head of Theology Mr Ross who, living on site, is able to keep us up to date with all things green at Woldingham. His inspiration was the long-running BBC Television programme, Gardeners’  World.

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