New Ribbons team announced

New Ribbons team announced

14 May 2020

This week’s whole school assembly is usually the most tactile of the year, with hugs all round as our outgoing Ribbons are thanked for their year of service and the new Ribbons team announced and welcomed. Things had to be a little different this time, with Mrs Hutchinson speaking from her dining room, but it was easy to imagine the emotion and excitement being felt by an audience currently scattered far and wide.

Firstly, Mrs Hutchinson thanked the ‘tremendous’ team of outgoing Ribbons, who she also described as having been ‘an amazing force for good in our school’. It was lovely to see each one appear in turn on screen, as Mrs Hutchinson also thanked them individually. Of the Head Girl team, Sarah, Lily, Canaan and Tara, Mrs Hutchinson said they were the ‘driving force, diplomats and the shepherds of the flock’ and described their legacy as one of ‘honesty, commitment and inspiration’.

It was then time to celebrate the commissioning of the new group of Ribbons. Mrs Hutchinson said that being chosen as a Ribbon is a privilege, a great responsibility and a chance to practise leadership and take initiative in a safe and supportive environment. ‘But above all,’ she said, ‘the role of the Ribbon is about service to others and not about themselves.’

Because the new Ribbons were unable to go on stage to receive their blue ribbon sash, as Mrs Hutchinson welcomed them one by one we saw a photo of each wearing a ‘ribbon’ of their own creation. Inventively, these included flowers, lights, shoes, fruit – and a dog. Woldingham’s new Head Girl is Charlotte and the Deputy Head Girls are Milan, Misan and Sofia. The full list of new Ribbons is shown below.

Speaking earlier to the Lower Sixth, Head of Sixth Form Mr Abbott offered his congratulations to those awarded a Ribbon, saying they should be rightly proud, following a very competitive application process, and that he looks forward to working with them.

He acknowledged that those applicants who didn’t get a Ribbon would be understandably disappointed but urged them to also reflect on the fact that (with his economics teacher hat on) ‘demand massively outstripped supply' and that there were undoubtedly more than 20 students who could have done an excellent job as a Ribbon. He also pointed out that this in no way limits students’ ability to contribute meaningfully to the school community. Indeed he sees one of the key responsibilities of the new Ribbons Team being to harness the year group’s potential and enable others to do just that. Applications, hustings and interviews have clearly demonstrated what a wealth of things the year group are passionate about and how much they have to offer. Mr Abbott also described the Lower – soon to be Upper – Sixth as a year group with ‘strength, real character, kindness and community spirit’.

Woldingham School Officers 2020-2021

Head Girl  Charlotte B
Deputy Head Girl Milan
Deputy Head Girl Misan
Deputy Head Girl Sofia
Drama Ribbon  Grace
Music Ribbon Jessica
Sacred Heart Ribbon Ching
Sports Ribbon Sophie
Community Ribbon  Gabriella
Community Ribbon  Jing Qiao
Community Ribbon  Jane
Community Ribbon  Eliza
House Captain – Barat  Emily
House Captain – Barat  Og
House Captain – Digby Catherine
House Captain – Digby Ona
House Captain – Duchesne   Gemma
House Captain – Duchesne   Polie
House Captain – Stuart Lara
House Captain – Stuart Charlotte W


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