A virtual tour around the year groups - week 4

A virtual tour around the year groups - week 4

14 May 2020


Marden girls have been gearing themselves up for their end of year examinations this week and training themselves on a software package that we will conduct them on.  Via a few videos made by Miss Owen and test exams, the girls have managed to become proficient with what they need to do so that they’re prepared for next week.  Revision continues and it is a joy to see them really wanting to do well, despite the less than ordinary circumstances.  Their technical skills and independence are improving daily as teachers cannot be so hands-on with them and the girls have to rely far more on their own resources.

Last week Miss Owen interviewed fifteen Year 7 applicants to be either the Chair or a Prefect on a newly formed Marden Enterprise Committee. Each girl wrote a formal letter of application and the Chair candidates had to produce a PowerPoint presentation about their initiatives for Marden and why they want to lead the team. Year 7 managed to view these and vote via Microsoft Forms as part of the process. Miss Owen interviewed the girls on Teams and was thoroughly impressed with their enthusiasm to step up to leadership. As with all roles, not everyone can be successful, but the most important thing is to grasp these opportunities and give things a go, which all the girls did. Applicants will hear next week if they have been offered a position on the committee, which will commence in September.

Main House

Year 9 students have been preparing for their first set of on-line exams next week, a new feature of our remote teaching and learning. Head of Year Mr Kellaway urged Year 9 to be the best version of themselves this week by planning for success and controlling what they can – like revising well – rather than focusing on areas they can’t – like what questions will come up in each exam.

On Monday Year 9 enjoyed a live PE lesson with Mrs Treacy, which was fantastic. And students were encouraged to take time away from revision and screen time by reading a book. Mr Kellaway is also enjoying his drop in sessions with Year 9 where students can stop by for a catch up.

This week’s Year 9 performance came from Cindy Z on the cello, who shared a video of her playing Salut D’amour by Elgar. Well done Cindy – super playing.

Our world of remote teaching and learning means we are all spending a lot of time in front of screens. Taking the lead from Miss Whitworth’s challenge to the Sixth Form, Mrs Norman asked Year 10 students to have more time away from the screen and perhaps try something new. Mrs Norman shared a great video started by Miss Whitworth last week where teachers shared some of the things they are doing off-screen. Activities teachers are doing include: playing tag, art, baking, bike riding, reading, outdoor games, finding rainbows, walking with and without a dog and looking after chickens. Let’s hope Mrs Norman gets lots of feedback from Year 10 about what they have tried this week.

During his on-line assembly this week, Mr Nunes provided a brief history lesson to Year 11 about World War II and the significance of last Friday’s 75th anniversary of VE Day. He invited students to consider the sacrifice of an earlier generation to uphold the freedoms we enjoy today. He reminded them about the commitment and efforts of NHS staff and other key workers to help us combat Covid-19.

Now well into the stride of remote working, Mr Nunes is holding coffee mornings across Year 11 by house group. He says it’s a highlight of his week.

Sixth Form

In week four of their Brave New Wold programme, Upper Sixth students continue to learn new skills and knowledge. They enjoyed looking at networking, an interactive session with Deana from the Rap Project about the big leap to university, gap years and jobs and a talk on men, women and social space from Mrs Alexander.

In her assembly this week Upper Sixth Housemistress Mrs Mason suggested Sixth Form students start a journal to record day to day life in these extraordinary times so in the future they can look back to recall the experiences we’re currently going through and get a sense of perspective. As pioneers of our future society, Mrs Mason urged students to use the experience we are currently going through, in whatever career they choose, to move away from our throw away and instant society to a kinder and fairer one.

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