Teaching & learning continues to thrive from our virtual Woldingham

Teaching & learning continues to thrive from our virtual Woldingham

30 April 2020

Mr William Bohanna, Senior Teacher (Teaching & Learning)

As we approach the end of our second week of remote teaching and learning, I am delighted to see learning continues to thrive across the school. Woldingham remains a community of learning in the fullest sense even though we are working and learning from home - not just in the UK but across the globe, from China to Nigeria to Australia (to name just a few).

How we provide teaching and learning has changed but our philosophy remains the same - leave every lockdown lesson with more than you went in with. And we continue to centre our approach with our unique WOLD model, which sets out our expectations of what happens in every lesson:

  • Willingness to work hard and make mistakes
  • Opportunities to maximise all learning
  • Learning is a life-long process
  • Determination to succeed.

What constitutes excellent teaching and learning cannot be bottled. It is not an exact science. It is both tangible and intangible. It does not conform to a set formula. The unique situation we are currently facing is giving us opportunities to explore a new approach to teaching and learning while retaining our overall philosophy and values and we have embraced this with energy and vigour.

Led by Ms Weatherston (Deputy Head Academic), the remote learning team has worked hard to ensure that students continue to receive teaching and learning of the highest standards. This has meant a change to the school day and nature of the lessons, which students and staff have coped with enormously well.

As we come to the end of the second full week of remote learning I wanted to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on activities across academic departments to provide an insight into what this means for students and teachers in reality. This week we’re taking a look at music, French, German and Spanish, computing, drama, chemistry and art. We’ll focus on other departments in the coming weeks. To read the update click here.

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