Barat's Lion King themed House Feast a roaring success

Barat's Lion King themed House Feast a roaring success

23 March 2020

Isabella, Year 9 (Barat)

The fourth and last House Feast of the year was Barat’s, on Monday 16 March. It was a great evening with a Lion King theme - and lots of yellow, of course.

The evening began with Mass with Fr Gerry, after which the whole of Barat walked over to Marden together for dinner. Mrs Manktelow and her team had decorated the Marden dining room like a jungle, with hanging vines and animal face masks for us all to wear. The original Lion King movie was playing in the background and everyone sang along to the songs. As always there were some great quizzes on the tables, as well as a pack of sticky notes so we could play Guess Who.

The food was delicious, especially dessert, which was chocolate brownie and ice cream. A big thank you to our wonderful catering team. The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone had a really fun evening. Thanks for a great House Feast, Mrs Manktelow.

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