Artistic inspiration at Tate Modern

Artistic inspiration at Tate Modern

12 February 2020

We had a fabulous time at the Tate Modern with the Sixth Form artists on Monday 10 February. The students were inspired by the huge, exciting collection, looking at the work of a huge range of artists from all around the globe. Particular highlights were the shadow drawings of Aldo Tambellini and Ana Lupas’ metal sculptures.

Students did some fantastic responses that will inspire their current projects. They came away with sketchbooks pages bursting with ideas and possibilities. We ended the trip by drawing Kara Walker’s magnificent Fons Americanus that is currently being exhibited in the centre of Turbine Hall - a 13-metre-tall working fountain inspired by the Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace. Walker’s work looks to the interconnected histories of America, Europe and Africa and explores the idea of power, ambition and tragedy. It was a powerful end to our day. It is exciting to think that, one day, one of these students may have their work exhibited in the Turbine Hall…

Miss Lottie Reay, Head of Art

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