Triwizard Tournament to celebrate Harry Potter book night

Triwizard Tournament to celebrate Harry Potter book night

10 February 2020

To celebrate Harry Potter Book Night on Thursday 6 February, Librarian Ms Owens organised a hugely enjoyable themed party in the library, as Year 8’s Anjali describes:

The Harry Potter Party was a night of fun games and heated competition. After the Sorting Hat had put us into our Hogwarts Houses for the night, we prepared ourselves for the first challenge. As the theme was the Triwizard Tournament, what better way to start the competition than the same way Harry and his fellow competitors did, getting our name into the Goblet of Fire. The catch? An age line that we couldn’t step over. How to get our names in? Paper planes.  After a convincing victory of 150 points, Ravenclaw took the lead.

Next, we had a crossword challenge in which Slytherin soared ahead and won. The scavenger hunt proved to be a source of frustration to many as we searched in vain for a card to finish our set. Sadly, none of the teams found all four cards, so the challenge was tied as three of the houses each found three cards. Finally, the quiz. We racked our brains for Harry Potter knowledge and it was very close. After snatching victory by just two points, added to the impressive score from the first challenge, Ravenclaw won the Triwizard Tournament! All in all, it was a wonderful night and we all had a great time.

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