Spanish play a success

Spanish play a success

6 February 2020

On Monday 3 February, Year 8 students learning Spanish enjoyed an educational treat during the last period of the day – ‘Primera Cita’ (First Date), a play staged by Onatti Productions.

The two actors performed entirely in Spanish, inviting audience participation, including the opportunity for two on stage cameos. Woldingham’s students were quick to volunteer in number and Anjali and Florrie were the lucky pair selected to take part in the cinema scene.

The play went down extremely well with the students, as Toni describes:

I really enjoyed the Spanish play. It was easy to understand and the actors interacted with us and were really funny. The play exposed us to a wide range of vocabulary which is really helpful for our lessons. Overall, the play was fantastic and it was very easy for the audience to relate to the topic. Thank you for a wonderful play.

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