Science Museum piques scholars' curiosity

Science Museum piques scholars' curiosity

4 February 2020

Academic scholars on Woldingham’s Kritikos programme undertake a ‘Curiosity Project’, a significant piece of independent research on a subject of their choice, that they will present to parents and peers later this year. For inspiration, they visited London’s Science Museum on Friday 31 January, as Year 7’s Livvy explains:

 The ‘curiosity trip’ to the Science Museum was very exciting, and very different. It was so interesting to see all the different displays that were exhibited and I have to mention the brilliant wonderland area where we got to do lots of cool experiments! That was great fun as we got to play with smoke, making smoke rings, see static electricity, use a pendulum swing to create drawings and so much more.

 It was really fascinating to see the Top Secret exhibition, which was all about communications intelligence, going back as far as the First World War. We looked at the different types of machines that they used to crack codes and even got to see the legendary Enigma machine. My group really enjoyed the play about electric telegraphs which appealed to lots of different age groups and made us laugh a lot.

 I think all of us in Kritikos gained so much information from the trip and we’re looking forward to exploring further as we do our projects. Thank you to Mrs Payne for organising our trip and to Mr Bohanna and Ms Owens for coming along too.

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