Students receive offers from top universities

24 January 2020

University offers are well underway and it’s looking very positive. Students in the Upper Sixth have already received offers from top UK universities including Cambridge, Durham, Exeter, Edinburgh, Bristol, Imperial College London and LSE. Several students recently had interviews with prestigious US universities, Princeton, Stamford and MIT, and await decisions next month.

The most popular subjects this year are business, politics and international relations, and biology, closely followed by economics, medicine, architecture, geography, history, psychology and sociology. One quarter of applications have been for STEM subjects across a variety of disciplines. Modern languages are also proving attractive as part of joint honours programmes.

Headmistress Mrs Alex Hutchinson commented, “Once again, the balance of applications across the subject spectrum reflects the many and varied talents of our students. It is also noteworthy that while traditional subjects remain very popular, we are seeing a growing number of applications to more contemporary, unusual or vocational courses, including urban planning, forensic science, product design engineering and sustainable development. Our students are very discerning in their subject and university choice and we are proud they are making higher education applications that suit them best as individuals.”

Applications to some popular universities including Edinburgh, Durham and Bristol, are still pending. Sixth Form students will continue to hear from universities in the coming weeks and months.

In 2019 90% of students gained a place at their first or second choice university when they received their A Level results, with 66% of students going to Russell Group universities.

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