Theatrical art workshop

Theatrical art workshop

22 January 2020

On Monday 20 January we were delighted to have Jackie and Katie, both practising theatre set designers, to lead Year 9 art students in a theatre set workshop. We started the day by venturing around the school grounds, looking at the place we know so well but trying to see it with fresh eyes. Where could that doorway lead to? Who is behind that keyhole? Where is the legendary White Nun hiding? We let our imaginations run wild and wrote fantastical stories inspired by our wonderful home and grounds. We then returned to the studio to start to make these stories come alive.

Students were taught how to manipulate card to make fantastical stages and everyone got down to some hard work. The sets were bonkers, crazy, imaginative and highly personal. We had clowns, graveyards, burning buildings, winter wonderlands… anything was possible. The mess, the fun, the glue, the paint, the wire, everything was put to use and the art room was alive with ideas and focus. At the end of the session we lit some of the sets, casting shadows across them, seeing their potential as theatre stages. It was a wonderful day, full of laughter, ideas and possibilities. It was great to see students collaborating, sharing ideas, taking risks and experimenting. We were so lucky to have such amazing artists to work with and we look forward to having them back again soon.

Miss Lottie Reay, Head of Art

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