Eco Club digs deep

Eco Club digs deep

12 December 2019

Members of Woldingham’s Eco Committee – Alice, Claudia, Jing Qiao, Estelle, Mrs Clayton and Mr Ceska - headed for Top Pitches on Wednesday 11 December to plant four new trees. Ably assisted by Mr Sessions and Mr Woods from our grounds team, one tree was planted for each House: a fagus sylvatica purpurea (copper/purple beech); a fagus sylvatica (green beech); a liquidambar styraciflua; and a sorbus aria lutescens.   The tree planters were undaunted by the chilly day and the rain, in the spirit of Claudia’s comment: “It’s always a pleasure to do something which benefits our planet!”

The Eco Club meets on Wednesday lunchtimes. As well as being open to new members, the club welcomes ‘drop-ins’ by non-members who would like to share their ideas.

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