Ribbons Launch Podcast

Ribbons Launch Podcast

25 November 2019

As a Ribbons team, our focus for this year is on legacy and tradition. We don’t want the things we implement to fade away, instead we want to embed a sense of continuity into some of the projects we organise so that future Ribbons teams can continue to work on them, for the benefit of Woldingham students.

I am an avid podcast listener. There is something fascinating about conversations with controversial and/or inspiring figures. You can really draw out information that written articles or news segments struggle to do, because hearing the person in their own words creates a human with whom we can empathise. Thinking about the prominence of news channels and newspapers in schools, we wanted to bring a similar discursive format to Woldingham students.

With that in mind, we have launched a school podcast! It has three main aims: to encourage engagement with new and informative ideas; to give students the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers; to start a project with which students from all year groups can get involved.

The podcast is called ‘The Wold According To…’ (pun definitely intended) with episode titles listed as the name of the guest speaker. This captures the main element of the podcast – learning about the interviewee and the way they see the world.

It takes work to set up a successful, professional and high-quality podcast, so each episode is something of a trial and we will learn and improve as we book more guests and record more episodes. Our first episode is with 19-year-old Izzy Radford, who dropped out of university after six weeks but has a world of wisdom to share. Click here to listen.

This podcast is an exciting project, and we hope it grows into something much bigger than ourselves. Our tagline sums up what we want listeners to be left with after tuning into each episode: “You’ve heard the ‘wold’ according to [name of podcast guest], but what’s the ‘wold’ according to you?”

Sarah, Head Girl

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