A Battle of Wits

A Battle of Wits

21 November 2019

On Tuesday 19 November, members of each House gathered in the Auditorium and went head-to-head for the Inter-House Quiz. It was a new event devised and coordinated entirely by the House Captains and saw girls from all year groups pooling their knowledge to try and win the grand prize of 100 merits for their House.

 There were rounds on a variety of different topics, including music, sport and celebrities, as well as a ‘what’s in the box?’ round, in which one representative from each House had to identify various items by feel​ whilst blindfolded. The most popular round was the TikTok round, which saw the auditorium filled with dancing and cheering as each House showed off their moves to different TikTok songs.

 Barat narrowly won the overall event by just one point, snatching the lead from Digby on the very final question. Overall, the Inter-House Quiz was a great success and it was wonderful to see girls from all year groups integrating and bringing lots of positive spirit to a new House event.

House Captains

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