Working smarter, not harder

Working smarter, not harder

14 November 2019

On Wednesday morning, some of our Year 10 girls gathered for breakfast with teachers from the school’s Teaching and Learning Committee.  The aim of this ‘brain breakfast’ was for the girls to spending time reflecting on their learning experiences and discussing how to improve their own learning and academic performance.  The focus of the session was on working smarter not working harder.

Isabella offered her reflections on the event:

‘The brain breakfast was a very insightful experience. We brought along one piece of work that we are proud of and a piece that we know could have been better.  Sitting in small groups with teachers from different departments we analysed what had helped the piece go well and how we might apply that in the future and the teachers offered advice on several techniques for approaching our work. It was a very helpful session and the delicious breakfast made it an especially enjoyable experience.

Mr William Bohanna, Senior Teacher (Teaching and Learning


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