Historians head to Berlin

Historians head to Berlin

6 November 2019

During half term, 21 history students travelled to Berlin. We had a jam-packed itinerary and so there was no delay in setting off to see the sights straight after we had landed, despite our early flight! Sean, our fantastic guide, gave us an incredible tour, whilst wearing his ever-faithful leather hat. Some of the most memorable parts of the trip included a visit to Sachsenhausen, a concentration camp, a visit to the Olympic stadium, seeing the East-side gallery, the Jewish Museum, a trip up the TV tower and an atmospheric visit to Treptow Park, a Soviet memorial site. Our visit to Berlin reminded us of the atrocities that it faced during the 20th century and allowed us to see how they have moved on from their past, without forgetting all those who suffered under extremist regimes. It was also particularly helpful for all the GCSE students, who had their upcoming history mock to revise for.

Bears are the symbol of Berlin and so Sean ran a competition to see who could photograph the most bears. Woldingham managed to beat the record for the greatest number of bears photographed, and a special mention must go to Faith who was by far the most committed to this competition. A huge thank you to Miss Noble and Mr Nunes for taking us on the trip and putting up with our enthusiasm for bears!

Charlotte, Lower Sixth

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