Fun and Flamenco in Seville

Fun and Flamenco in Seville

5 November 2019

On Monday 21 October, 32 adventurous Year 8 girls and our teachers travelled to Seville on a four-day trip. On our first full day, we went on a guided tour around the city and saw the gothic palaces and the old buildings, built firstly by the Jews and then the Christians. The insides and outsides of the buildings were stunning and it must have taken so long to make and carve all of the decorations and symbols.  We learnt lots about the history of Seville, including that part of Christopher Columbus was buried in Seville Cathedral (the third largest cathedral in the world). This gothic church was huge and full of gold and old statues, and we climbed to the very top of it. It was 34 ramps up, but it was worth the walk because the view at the top was spectacular, and you could see the whole city - it’s actually the highest point in Seville.

We enjoyed a flamenco dancing lesson, which was great fun, learning lots of steps to a lively Spanish song which I’m sure most of us still remember!  We took part in a fantastic photo competition: we had to find and take pictures of different sights and at the same time be creative to try to win best picture!  Each night we went to a different restaurant and got to try some traditional Spanish food, such as paella. Somehow we managed to fit in time for souvenir shopping to buy lots of lovely gifts for our families.

The trip was really fun and busy and we all loved it, so I’m sure everyone is keen to return to Seville someday.

Caitlin, Year 8

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