Top Tips for Kritikos Students

Top Tips for Kritikos Students

17 October 2019

On Tuesday 14 October, a group of Year 10, 11 and Lower Sixth students gathered for the inaugural Kritikos* lunch. The Lower Sixth shared some pearls of wisdom with the GCSE students about their top tips to getting the best grades over a blueberry muffin or two! We discussed the most efficient ways of revision, subject specific advice and how to utilise time during study leave. Miss Noble then gave us an introduction to starting the Oxbridge process and talked about what we can be doing to prepare ourselves for the not so distant future, whether planning to apply for Oxbridge or elsewhere. Mrs Payne had put some Oxbridge style questions on our tables, which we proceeded to debate. Our question was 'Are humans ethically obliged to prevent climate change?' After much deliberation, we decided that humans were ethically obliged to help prevent climate change, despite some objections from Loulou! Thank you to Mrs Payne for organising the event and to Miss Noble for speaking to us.

Charlotte, Lower Sixth

*Kritikos is the name for Woldingham’s programme for academic scholars in Years 7-11. Kritikos aims to encourage critical flexibility and nurture independent and enquiring minds.

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